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Eliminating vibrations – Reducing cost

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You will be familiar with the dilemma: On the one hand your customers are demanding ever higher quality standards – on the other hand you are constantly faced with the need to reduce cost. Both objectives do not necessarily have to be in conflict with each other - at least not where balancing and diagnostics of rotating and reciprocating components are concerned. Our experience shows that the vibratory behaviour of components can be improved much more easily during the production stage, if our experts are involved at an early stage in their development.

Apart from vibrations induced by unbalance, assemblies may also exhibit other vibrations. The measurement of vibrations will enable properties to be determined, which can serve as an indicator of a fault in the component. This enables an objective assessment of the noise level of machines and assemblies, where only a subjective assessment was possible before. We will determine the relevant properties and assess reliability and rejection ratios of your production process.

To reveal the causes of vibrations, we will analyse rotors and assemblies on the basis of our extensive know-how and with our state-of-the-art equipment. Consultation right at the outset will help you streamline your production processes and provide you quickly and confidentially with what you need most - a rotor that runs smoothly.

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