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Service Hotline:+86 400 880 9308
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Spare parts Supply

All kinds of spare parts on Schenck balancing machine

Spare parts – available at short notice wherever you are

Where repair work is concerned, we push for speed: Schenck service engineers will usually carry a supply of critical spare parts or parts subject to wear with them. If a part is not to hand, our spare parts service will ensure prompt delivery. A large variety of parts and a high-performance logistics system ensure prompt response, whatever your requirements are.

Repair – a cost efficient alternative

Sometimes the replacement of a component can be avoided. Worn or defective parts can often be repaired at reasonable cost. Our repair service makes sure that the repaired part provides the same quality standard as the original part. As a rule, repair will cost no more than half the price of the original spare part. This will reduce the strain on your budget, and often get your machine back into working order more quickly – particularly where non-standard parts are concerned, which have to be manufactured specially for the purpose.

For the time period of the repair of your machines we can help you out with equipment to loan - in many cases you can continue to work unhinderedly during the repair so. Or you simply use our balancing service at this time. It helps you fast and economically to bridge this bottleneck.

Hotline: 400-880 9308