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Training and Seminar in Schenck Shanghai


Schenck Shanghai provide a training schedule for you. The training course on balancing theory and its application in electrical make you more efficient in the use of the balancing machine,

You should never be worried about a tedious training course. Our training class is a lecturer-student interface class. Except for the training of the balancing theory, full discussing with our expert and friendly environment make you feel at home .

The training course are taken in the following moths of every year :April, May, June, September, October, November .( The date is according to the members.) .20 to 30 persons can take part in the one-week course every time.

The training course includes two parts : one is the balancing theory ( basis, calculation, balancing sort, measuring and correction, special balancing method, how to choose the balancing speed.) the second is application. (Universal balancing machine, measuring system of CAB690,CAB700,CAB720,CAB803.

Training fee is 1000 RMB per person,  The book ? Balancing Technology ?(Chinese Edition) and lunch are free of charge. The expense of traveling and accommodation is not of our scope.
If you are willing to attend the course, please apply for it online or send a request mail.

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