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History of Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd

    In 1999, a subsidiary company is set up in China, Schenck RoTec holding 99% shares
    In 2000, using the core components exported from German, the first all-function dynamic balancer was rolled out (HM 60 U)
    In 2001, the first dynamic balancing machine with electric performance testing function in China was put into use
    In 2002, the Asia-Pacific sales conference sets Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd. as the world production base of Schenck group for all-function balancing machines, and the products are to be exported to fellow companies
    In 2003, Germany consul-general to Shanghai visited Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd.
    In 2004, German president Johnannes Rau visited Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd., as the paragon for medium and small enterprises invested by Germany companies in China
    In 2006, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Schenck RoTec, an advanced seminar was held for aerospace, automobile and paper making, electronic and armature and water pump industries.
    In 2007, Schenck RoTec withdrew its capital in Shanghai Schenck Trial Machinery Factory and also trademarks and technology.
    In 2007, Schenck RoTec won the high-speed dynamic balance project of Shanghai Lingang, providing the largest balancing machine in the world, with the rotor weighing 350 tons
    In 2008, Due to the solid growth of domestic business, our cleaning machine business unit – “Duerr Ecoclean”, which is one of important business units of Schenck shanghai machinery Co,. Ltd. moved to Lizhiyuan Economic Zone of Putuo district in Shanghai on June 16, 2008.
   In 2009, On September 17, a large “10” composed of pink and white balloons decorated the entrance to the Schenck Shanghai administrative building, Schenck Shanghai is ten years old.
   In 2010, Mr. Jiang Zeming visited Schenck high speed balancing machine on April 12.
   In 2011, it is our great honor to invite BBAC & BFDA delegation visiting Schenck On 22nd of February.
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